fot. T. Mniamos ©
fot. T. Mniamos ©

Albertyna Kacalak was born in Lodz, Poland on June 27, 1988. For the period 2007-2012, she studied at the Department of Painting and Sculpture at the Egeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. 

Study completed a diploma of easel painting in the atelier of Prof. Janusz Jaroszewski and  multimedia in the atelier of Prof. Pawel Jarodzki. Currently a PhD student at the same Academy, in the atelier of painting of prof. Zdzislaw Nitka and multimedia atelier of prof. Pawel Jarodzki.

She is mainly engaged in painting, but in hers artistic search also uses the areas of visual art and drawing. She takes part in many national exhibitions, foreign, art symposia and outdoor painting.


Selected individual exhibitions


7-30 March 2014 - Exhibition of paintings "Elementary Particles" of Albertyna Kacalak, Gallery ODA Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland.


1-30 September 2013 - Exhibition of paintings Albertyna Kacalak, Gallery of Modern Art - Jarek Cechmanowicz, Poznan, Poland.


11 July - 30 August 2013 - Opening of an exhibition of paintings titled "Lubiąż" in the Vernon Gallery, Prague (external series of exhibitions organized by the Municipal Gallery in Wrocław).


30 May 2013 - Opening of an exhibition of paintings titled "Lubiąż", the Polish Institute in Bratislava (external series of exhibitions organized by the Municipal Gallery in Wrocław).


March 2013  Exhibition of painting in "Grand Hotel", Łódź, Poland.


8 October 2012 - Exhibition of Painting Competition in the Governor of Lower Silesia, Diploma of the Year, Vanguard BWA, Wroclaw.,Poland.


22 June 2012 - Thesis Defensegraduate exhibition titled: "signs", 

 multimedia presentationentitled "the girl that lived once high or quite low", Vanguard BWA, Wroclaw, Poland.


22 March 2012 - Drawings and painting exhibition titled "signs", Gallery Maggie, Wrocław.


Selected Group Exhibitions 


25-29 June 2013 - Exhibition of paintings at the Gallery Allerart in Bludenz, Austria.


14 June 2013 - Exhibition educators Department of Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Workers Club Silesian University of Technology. Gliwice. Poland.


26 April 2013 - Opening of the exhibition National Painting Competition "Gardens" 2013 - Wałbrzych - Castle Prince. Poland.


14 March 2013 - "Primavera" Exhibition lecturers and assistants painting cathedrals Academy of Fine Arts. E. Geppert in Wroclaw, Arsenal City Museum of Wroclaw.


5 December 2012 - Opening of an exhibition of paintings Culture vs. Nature; participants of the exhibition are: Professor Paul Jarodzki, Assistant Professor Wojciech Pukocz, assistant Michal Sikorski, Albertine Kacalak, "gallery for glass", Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw.


15-22 September 2012 - IV Festival of Arts "City of Stars" Painting Exhibition in Żyrardow near Warsaw. Poland.


13 September -13 October 2012 - Second Review of Young Art "Fresh Blood", exhibition of paintings at the Gallery Socato, Wroclaw. Poland.


8 August 2012 - Painting Exhibition at the Municipal Cultural Centre, Belchatow. Poland.


7 June 2012 - Participation in the 12th National Survey of Contemporary Art in Civic Centre in Rawicz. Poland.


9 May 2012 - Collective exhibition of works by students of the Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk "Bliskoznacznie", ASP Gdańsk. Poland


11 January 2012 - An exhibition of paintings "Creative Wroclaw" Aquarelle Gallery, Radisson Blu Hotel, Wroclaw. 


28 October 2011 - Exhibition Albertine Kacalak and Danuta Wiktoria Kacalak "Confrontations", Civic Centre in Sroda Slaska. Poland.



fot. T. Mniamos ©
fot. T. Mniamos ©